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Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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villa la joya

Villa la Joya – Destination Wedding Vendor Interview

Well, the day has finally come! I’ve waited for so long to write this special blog post. It’s about one of my favorite wedding venues ever. You guessed it – it’s the fabulous VILLA LA JOYA. A venue where we host many weddings every year and all of our couples LOVE it. They are always fascinated by the beauty of the villa and the magnificent garden view. Before we jump into the vendor interview, I wanted to introduce you to my story and how the friendship between Paradise Weddings & Events and Villa la Joya started. When I left my job in the hotel industry and wanted to start my own wedding planning business, I was spending a lot of time searching for unique wedding locations. After so many days out in the field, scouting the best locations for my future couples, I finally stumbled upon Villa la Joya. I felt this venue is going to change something in my life, so I immediately made an appointment with the administrator to see the villa. Within the first step I made into the venue, I knew this is the most wonderful wedding location I could imagine for my couples. It was LOVE at first sight. When I was walking around the villa, I met the owner, Mike. I remember him from my previous job in the Hotel Royal, where he used to be a frequent guest until he built the beautiful Villa la Joya for his Mother and Family.

villa la joya

Destination Wedding Venue

Vendor Interview – Villa la Joya

 #1 Tell us a bit more about your venue and background. How long have you been in business?

What’s the story behind it? Joya actually means “Gem” in Spanish and it’s the perfect way to describe Villa La Joya: A hidden gem in the Mexican Caribbean. It all started because our mother always dreamt of having a house on the beach so the two brothers joined to build this Villa with much love. I guess you can say that after 10 years of acquisitions and construction it’s a dream come true. Our first wedding was on January 1st, 2015, and today, Villa La Joya is the #1 luxury opulent wedding venue in the Mayan Riviera, and any without vendor restrictions or hidden fees.

#2 How did you get into the wedding industry? What do you love most about weddings?

God presented me the opportunity literally, opportunity knocked on our door one day! Villa La Joya was created out of love for family and to be a one of a kind beach residence, little did we know it would become an exclusive wedding venue. One day, a neighbor walked up to the door and said they loved Villa and asked if we would ever consider hosting a wedding. Several months later I saw a wedding video, as I watched this video within 15 seconds I began to tear up as if the Holy Spirit touched my heart with a message to share the beauty and energy of Villa La Joya with all.  This is how we came to help couples start a new chapter in life in a home that was built with much love.

Villa La Joya’s energy is magical to my family, the credit for creating this ambiance solely rests with the Villa Team, Irma, Marcial, Domingo, Carmen, Dino, Charo, Liz, and Enrique, each are the heart and soul of Villa La Joya.

 #3 What is your favorite part about managing a venue and working with couples on their wedding day?

It’s been a learning process but thankfully we have an amazing team that works hand-in-hand with our couples and vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our favorite part, is knowing our couples will always remember Villa La Joya and they actually become part of the family from Day 1. 

#4 Tell us more about the booking process. How early and when should a couple reach out to you for their wedding day?

We have an awesome booking platform, process, and respond almost immediately. We do recommend our couples to book in advance as we only host one wedding per day. Feel free to ask for a site inspection.

 #5 How would you describe the aesthetic of your venue?

Timeless elegance. 

#6 Do you offer couples a tour of the venue before they start the booking process?

Absolutely, happy to coordinate it with the couple or through the wedding planner.

#7 What kinds of things should a couple look for when searching for a wedding venue?

I think that one of the most important things is: flexibility. We believe our couples have the right to choose who they want to work with so we offer no vendor restrictions or hidden fees. We are also part of a program that helps preserve & release thousands of sea turtles per year and part of our wedding revenue goes toward that program. 

#8 What is one thing you want every couple to know when making a final decision on their wedding venue?

It’s YOUR day. Work with a venue that gives you the flexibility to have your wedding your way, that works with you and that genuinely cares for you.

#9 What sets your business apart from other wedding venues, resorts, hotels, etc.?

We are more than a luxury wedding venue, we are a southern family where hospitality and love come first,  where couples, staff, and vendors are FAMILY. We truly care for you and will walk with you every step of the way. I enjoy inviting wedding couple back to Villa for a romantic dinner under the star to always remember their special day.

#10 Lastly, how was your time working with us, Paradise Weddings and Events?

I’m out of words here!! Anna absolutely understands Villa’s vision, amazing to work with. She knows our venue, shares our Team’s vision and values, that our guests always come first, and truly pours her heart and soul into every wedding. We love working with Paradise Weddings and Events. 

Photographer Credits

LuxArt Wedding Studio

Caro Navarro Photography

Find out more about Villa la Joya on their website.

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