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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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mayan ceremony

Mayan Ceremony Destination Wedding

Since we had many requests and questions about this unique ceremony, called the Mayan Ceremony, this summer we coordinated one and we are presenting it to you in a different way. When Richard and Karlii contacted us about the idea of having a VERY intimate wedding, i.e. Mayan ceremony, we immediately said YES (very loud, happy yes) and started with the planning.

Before we tell you all about it, first we want to answer the question we get asked the most lately, and that is…

What is a Mayan Ceremony?

The Mayan wedding ceremony in Yucatan is a unique and memorable moment for couples. It involves a ritualized union that is based on the principles of mysticism and tradition. This wedding ceremony in Mexico is a deeply spiritual and mystical event. It is performed by a priest who asks for the cardinal directions to officiate. Music for this ceremony is often played by indigenous instruments. A variety of flowers, seeds, and copal incense are presented at the event. The ceremony is performed by a priest or ah men, i.e. shaman or priest knowledgeable on the Mayan culture, who will guide the bride and groom during the ceremony. The rituals of the Mayans can take place in various locations, such as a cenote, an archaeological site, a beach, or even a hacienda.

Karlii & Richard’s Mayan Wedding

The planning process began after our lovely couple had already rented a Private Villa on a secluded beach area in the Riviera Maya. One of the things that got us excited the most was the ceremony decor and overall setup of the wedding. Karlii and Richard did getting ready onsite followed by their first look which took place in the tropical beach garden. and then followed by the Mayan Ceremony on the beach. 

We talked a lot about the wedding theme they were going for and decided on having tropical boho vibes with pampas and dried palm leaves, and since it was a very intimate affair we had set up a seating area with bohemian rugs and puffs on the beach.

After the first look, they walked up to the beach where we set up the beautiful ceremony flowers and decor provided by the best Cherry Blossom.

The Mayan Ceremony is guided by a Mayan traditional shaman in the Mayan language, together with a local translator to better understand the spirituality of the wedding and its symbolism. The altar was set up with Copal incense, to “clean” the energy and its part of the ritual. The altar included a display of cocoa beans, corn, and some flowers and fruits. During the ceremony, these were offered to Nature and Mother Earth and the shaman who led the Ceremony asked the permission of the 4 elements (Wind, Water, Fire, Air) to open the path for the bride and groom. After the Mayan prayers and a blessing by the shaman, the family was invited to bless the couple, finalize the blessing of the rings, and offering to the four elements and mother nature. The Ceremony was accompanied by traditional instruments, conch shells, and drums. 

After the Mayan Ceremony, the couple together with their friends and family celebrated the beginning of their marriage with a special dinner prepared by the in-house Chef and enjoyed a delicious cake by Pasteleria la Migaja.

See more of this intimate celebration and take a look at the photos by Caro Navarro Photography.

Vendor Team

Photographer | Caro Navarro
Film | About Time Wedding Films
Florist | Cherry Blossom
Cake | Pasteleria la Migaja
Entertainment | Musik Entertainment Mexico

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