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#10 Items Brides Should Bring to Their Wedding Day

Planning your destination wedding is fun yet kind of stressful, so we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Most of the time, we plan 12 months before the final day. There are so many little details we can’t let slip, however, from all that excitement brides forget. That’s why we are here! To guide you step by step. Today we are sharing with you our must-have items that every bride should bring to the wedding day. When the big day finally arrives, you should be prepared. Follow this step-by-step checklist.

Items Bride Should Bring to The Wedding Day:

1. Wedding Dress Hanger

The first thing we always recommend is checking if your wedding gown made it through the trip from your hotel to the getting ready location and hanging it out on a pretty hanger. It will look so much nicer on the ‘getting ready’ photos than just laying somewhere. Here is our top choice for a bridal hanger.

2. Mini steamer

If you need to smooth out any lingering wrinkles from your gown make sure to pack a portable steamer for the little parts of the dress which might need extra care. This comes in handy for the bridesmaid’s dresses/robes and for the groom’s party as well. Check out this option for mini steamers.

3. Hair Accessories 

Let’s not forget about the hair accessories. Our top choice is this gorgeous piece.

4. Bride and bridesmaids robes

If you and your bridesmaids are planning to wear adorable robes this would be the perfect choice for you. There are so many options out there but these may be our favorites.

5. Lint Roller

You saw a small hair or maybe needed to give a little care to the groom suite or family/bridal party members’ attire? Remove it immediately with this lint roller.

6. Toiletries Kit

One of the must-haves for us! You can never go wrong with having an emergency kit with handy toiletries. Believe us when we say – every bride needs this.

7. Stationery

One wedding story can not be told only by reception and ceremony photos, the details are important as well. Every photographer asks for this but couples sometimes forget to bring them. And that is the wedding stationery, like save-the-dates, invitations, wedding menu…

8. Ring box, charms, jewelry

To follow up on the previous one, besides the wedding stationery you definitely need to bring a ring box together with all your jewelry, perfume, something new, old, borrowed, and blue and charm to honor the grandparents (if doing one).

9. Wedding Tissues

YES, there will be happy tears. Have these ready for your guests during the wedding at any time.

10. Smiley face

And the most IMPORTANT thing every bride should bring to her wedding day is A SMILING FACE. It’s YOUR wedding day! Be sure to put on your smiley face and not think about whether you forgot any of these details or not. 

For more tips check out our BRIDAL PACKING LIST template.

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