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get married in the riviera maya

Best Time to get married in the Riviera Maya

Have you ever dreamed of getting married by the beach, in tropical scenery, standing next to your loved one, overlooking the waves of the Caribbean Ocean? Who hasn’t, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s topic will be all about finding the best and right time to get married in the Riviera Maya.

Deciding and planning a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya is very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. The number one question we get from couples is–when we should set the date? Having a destination wedding is not like you can invite hundreds and hundreds of people to come on a mini wedding vacation at any time. Consider everything. To find the answers to your question, keep on reading.

get married in the riviera maya
Photography by Caro Navarro



#1 Check with Friends and Family

Friends and Family are number one on the list. You don’t want them to miss the most important day of your life, right? Before setting your wedding date, be sure to run some potential dates by your close people to make sure there aren’t any big conflicts. I am talking about important events, like any other weddings, birthdays, seminars, younger siblings school activities… that would force a best friend or close family member to miss your wedding.

#2 Your Schedule

You have been waiting your entire life for this exact moment, but you know when it’s over you have a workload that will take you longer than your honeymoon. Important rule – don’t leave for your wedding while stressed about an important work deadline or event. Set your wedding date for a time that’s relatively good for yours and your fiancé (e)’s job.

get married in the riviera maya
Photography by Luxart Wedding Studio

#3 Weather/Climate

You have always dreamed of getting married at a tropical destination in the summer, but what if those months are in the rain season? If you have your heart set on a beach destination wedding here in Riviera Maya, it’s important to consider the weather in that area. Depending on your preferences, here cooler months start from November until March. All year around we do weddings and have a nice and tropical climate, however the months of June–October are known as hurricane/rain season. Note–that doesn’t mean that it rains every day, every second. It can be sunny and hot, without a single drop from the sky. If you are unsure of the weather and the climate, you can always go back to this link to check your preferred month weather.

Read about the hurricane season in the Riviera Maya.
Read about weather statistics and rain chances.

#4 Perfect timing, perfect months

Given our experience in destination weddings, there are few popular months considered as perfect for weddings for many couples. The best months for planning a Riviera Maya wedding start from April and May until October and November. That’s because it’s not too close to the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas) and not at the beginning of the year. Most couple love a spring wedding.

get married in the riviera maya
Fine Art Photography by Moni Adri Weddings

#5 Planning Time

Before saying YES to the date, make sure you have enough time to plan your wedding. Taking at least a 10-12 months period to plan your wedding is recommended and will make a less stressful experience. Less than four months will be difficult, but together with many couples, we have made it happen. That’s why WE are here.

#6 Local Holidays/Festivities

You will find a wide variety of popular Mexican holidays. During those times we have a lot of visitors and guests which may lead to having very busy hotels and attractions. When choosing a date during popular times or a long weekend, pricing rises in flights and hotels. Keep in mind that prices for flights vary every day during those times. It would be lovely for your guests to have a long weekend, enjoy the attractions we offer here in Riviera Maya and not have to worry about how much the flights and accommodation will cost. So do your research on this before you officially set your wedding date.

get married in the riviera maya
Photography by Paradise Photo Studio

#7 Be creative

The perfect date is in the numbers. It is easier said than done. If you are a creative person and love playing with meaningful dates and numbers, then this task will be easy for you. A lot of my couples options are to go with matching numbers–such as 10-10-2020 or 1.2.2021 or your first official date/kiss. Read more about popular dates to get married and lucky wedding dates.

Photography by Amber Kelley

That’s our guide on how to find the best time to get married in the Riviera Maya together with TOP 7 factors you should consider before you say YES to the wedding date. Please be patient because this important decision requires more research and interminable chat nights with family and friends. Let us know YOUR wedding date and how did you choose that day.

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