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engagement photoshoot

5 Reasons WHY You should have an Engagement Photoshoot

Officially I can say that the booking for wedding season 2020/2021 started and a lot of my couples are asking me – what is my opinion on having an engagement photoshoot. First, I think an engagement photoshoot is really important, both for the photographer and the couple. You get the chance to get all dressy and spend the day with your loved one before becoming a married couple. That is why, in this blog post, I decided to share with all of you my TOP 5 reasons on WHY you should book an engagement session before your wedding day.

engagement photoshoot riviera maya
engagement couple

1. Get comfortable in front of the camera

Most of us are comfortable in front of our own camera, or should I say your phone, but what about when there is a professional photographer with a professional camera? Have you ever thought of that? That being said, engagement sessions are a great opportunity to get confident and be natural while your photographer takes portraits of you even on your wedding day. This would be a chance to know your photographer better, build a friendship, and help your photographer find out all of your best poses for the wedding photographs.

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2. Showcase your engagement pictures

Instead of wasting time picking your save-the-date cards design or invitation design, you can always use the engagement photos for the wedding invites, the guest book, and the thank-you card. Much better, if you have a wedding website, you get to have professional photos. Do you want to showcase your stunning engagement ring? You can post the photos on your social media or have beautiful prints hanging on your walls.

wedding photography
engagement photoshoot

3. Photography ‘training’ for your wedding day

As I mentioned in reason #1, having a photoshoot will help your photographer to know you better. At the same time, it will help you find your best poses and what is that you really want from the whole experience. You don’t get that much time on your wedding timeline to have bridal portraits for three hours, so this would be the right time to ‘train’ for your special day, where you have only fifteen minutes for portraits.

beach photoshoot
beach photography

4. Combine hair and make-up trial

Another reason I always say YES to engagement photoshoot is that you having your wedding hair and makeup trial at the same time. That is a chance to get to know the hair and makeup artists and try out their products. See what works best for your hair in our humid climate. You can decide for distinctive looks for the engagement and your wedding day, but you will be able to get familiar with your artists and discuss your hair and make up for your special day.

engagement photoshoot
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playa del carmen

5. Amazing locations

And the last thing I wanted to mention is the beautiful locations in Riviera Maya for your engagement photoshoot. There are a lot of beaches, Cenotes ( sinkholes ) in a jungle setting, and many more places to spend the day with your loved one on a mini photoshoot date. Let me know down in the comments if you would be interested in reading a blog where I present the best locations to have engagement photoshoot here in Riviera Maya.

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