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desserts for your destination wedding

Dessert bars for your big destination wedding

We all know that planning your wedding day is exciting and amusing, but it can be tricky. When you get to the part where you need to choose the wedding desserts, you will have the most fun. Yes, they take a special part of your wedding day. You want them to be perfect and taste ‘yummilicious’. Yummy and delicious, right?

Number one on your mind is the wedding cake. Everyone LOVE cakes. AND, we are definitely here for that! But, with the new trends coming up this year and those charming Pinterest boards, you are asking, “Do we only have to have a wedding cake?” The answer is NO. We say do whatever sounds good to you! Have everything you and your partner prefer. It’s your day! There are a lot of couples who want to serve their traditional wedding cake alongside other dessert bars.

pink cake with donuts on a stand

So making it easier for you, we are providing you with some GREAT options! Try to surprise your guests with these delightful dessert ideas.


Let’s lead with Donuts. Filled, glazed, sprinkled, powdered, or topped with frosting—whatever your preference, donuts are a fun, unexpected addition to any formal occasion and more couples are going for them. The advantage of having donuts at your wedding is that they come in lots of variety, shapes, and flavors. It can be more affordable than a four-tier cake, easier to serve, and you can create a fabulous donuts display. Donuts will enhance your current decor and carry your theme throughout the reception.

donuts on wall

There are a lot of unique ways to display them. From donuts towers to donuts-cake stands, there is no end to the creativity you can bring. Our personal choices are donuts wall.


The next trend, popular these years, are churro carts. For those who are not familiar, churros are Spanish finger Doughnuts. This sweet treat is a popular addition to weddings and parties. If you are looking for a delicate and different dessert idea, look no further and get yourself a churro cart. Choose from different toppings, like chocolate, caramel, strawberry flavor, icing sugar or cinnamon, and you will definitely see your guests hanging by the churro stand all night.

Shout out to Los Pockets for letting us showcase their photos.

churros los pockets
Los Pockets
churros cart los pockets
Los Pockets


If you are having your destination wedding in Mexico or Playa Del Carmen, you MUST have these delightful sweets as your wedding feast. Marquesitas are a crispy crepe that are rolled up and traditionally filled with melted shredded cheese and a sweet filling of your choice. There are a lot of local marquesito carts you can hire for your wedding. Bring Mexican tradition to your memorable day in a unique way. You won’t regret it!

El Triciclo – Marquesitas Carts

We want to give a huge thank you to our local El Triciclo Eventos.

El Triciclo – Marquesitas Cart for Weddings


What an ideal way to bring a little Parisian elegance to your wedding with these stylish small treats. Made from light-as-air meringue cookies and a delicate cream filling – they’re just so pleasant. They can brighten up so many unexpected big-day details with pops of color. It’s no wonder why they’re getting so much attention because they come with hundreds of flavor and color combinations to fit any wedding color palette or theme. You can display them decoratively on your dessert table, but some couples are serving them as favors or escort cards. Arrange them on cake stands or pretty tray, and your guests won’t be able to pass up.


You and your guests can enjoy as many of these tiny treats as you desire, thanks to their bite-sized stature. Cake pops are served in many colors, flavors, and toppings, and we love how much they can add to your wedding dessert table. If you want to add a personal touch and DIY something for your wedding, you can easily make them yourself. On the Internet, there are hundreds of recipes, just do small research. They are simple to prepare and that sometimes goes well with your budget. Decorate them however you want and have fun!


Besides your dessert table, you can add a jar or two filled with wonderful colors of Mexican candy. YES! A Candy Bar! It’s affordable, easy to set up, and with a little creative arranging, it can be an absolute show-stopper at your wedding. 

These charming and tasty little desserts of happiness will put a permanent smile on everyone’s faces! We hope you got inspired by the most surprising desserts from all around the world. Have your destination wedding in style and choose what you are craving the most. Just don’t forget to share one with your husband/wife as the first sweet bite of your marriage!

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