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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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destination bride interview

Destination Bride Interview – Jaclynn & Brian

Happy Day! Here is another one of my favorite blog series I have ever done – the Destination Bride Interview. I am so grateful to my beautiful bride Jaclynn for being part of my blog. Take a look at all of their favorite details from the wedding day and let me know your favorite part.

Jaclynn and Brian thank you for letting me be a BIG part of your wedding day! The Paradise Weddings and Events team had the best time with you, your family and friends.

♡ When and where was your wedding?

March 14th, 2020, Villa La Joya

♡ Tell us ALL about your LOVE story!

We met when Brian bought my old crashed car from me 5 years ago. We had an instant connection. Brian decided to begin texting me (not about buying my car 😊) and we hit it off. After about 6 months we were dating, a few months later we bought our house and moved in together. We are 2 different people from 2 totally different worlds, but we compliment one another. We love doing everything together and being part of every bit of each other’s lives.  We are truly best friends and soulmates. 

♡ We want to know all the details from the proposal! When did it happen and how?

We got engaged on Saturday June 8, 2019.  It was like a movie. I had just gotten done working, doing hair and makeup for a wedding, and Brian met me at the gym for a workout.  Upon arriving back at our house I saw a limousine sitting in front of the house and I asked him, who’s that? I walked into my bedroom and there was a card and a new sweat suit from the PINK store on the bed.  I was told to put it on and get in the limo.  “You gotta go” he said.  The driver then took me to my nail salon where I received another card that treated me to “fresh nails”. The limo was waiting as I anxiously got my nails done and tried to get info out of my nail girl who wouldn’t budge! I got back in the limo and was taken to Harrahs in Atlantic City where I was Instructed to walk into the bar and see Pete. Pete handed me Prosecco and a room key. I walked into an empty hotel room to find 2 outfits and all of my needs to get ready with a lipstick note on the mirror to “Be ready at 7:30 sharp”. I did as I was told at 7:20 there was a knock on the door and it was my handsome man (he even had on a new outfit! 😃) and my 2 little puppies. We then proceeded to dinner and to the Golden Nugget Marina to sit outside and look at the boats. When we got there the power had just gone out because the band blew a transformer. So we decided to take a walk. Somehow Brian had access to the boat dock and opened the gate where we walked down and he got down on one knee and pulled the vintage ring box that my Grandfather proposed to my Grandmother Martha with in the 1940s. At that moment the power came back on the marina lit back up and this adorable bartender was hiding in the corner snapping photos of the greatest moment of my life. We then of course finished off the night listening to our favorite band Goodman Fiske play at the Borgata and late night pizza 🍕 back at our hotel.  I remember feeling like I was in a movie.  I even texted my mom from the back seat of the limo and said “I feel like Julia Roberts in pretty woman when she wears the red dress and diamond necklace to the opera”.

♡ Let us know the story about how did you decide on having a destination wedding? And what was your inspiration?

We took our very first vacation together to Now Jade Riviera Cancun.  We fell in love with Mexico and even more in love with each other.  We have vacationed there every year since we’ve been together.  It was on our annual trip to Mexico in July of 2018, even before we were engaged, that we knew when we got married that we wanted to have a destination wedding.  However, me, being in the wedding business, I did NOT want a wedding on a resort or in the sand, we wanted a sort of black tie/beach feel.   My inspiration honestly, came from seeing the venue and my wedding gown.  After seeing beauty of the scenery at Villa La Joya and the amazing colors and look of my Berta wedding gown, I was inspired to have a clean, classy, elegant look.  

♡ Who picked the location and the date? Did you both decided on it, or?

We did some research online of the best off-resort wedding venues near playa del carmen, we came across 3 potentials, after researching more, Brian said we shouldn’t even waste time looking at other venues beside Villa La Joya, and he was right, we didn’t need to.  We didn’t even make it through the front gate before tears were brought to both our eyes.  Between being treated so incredibly by the entire staff of Villa La Joya and Anna, and the breathtaking beauty inside and out of the gorgeous Villa, we were instantly sold.  We both decided right then it was the only place we could have our wedding.  We signed our contract that day.  As far as the wedding date goes, we originally wanted to have a November 2020 wedding, as when we got engaged, we were pregnant, and wanted to give me enough time to recover after having the baby before having a wedding.  However, a few weeks into our engagement, we lost that pregnancy, as we were sitting in the dr. office processing the sad news, Brian asked me if we could move the wedding up so we could try again to have a baby sooner.  Villa La Joya is a VERY busy venue, so we sort of chose what was available.  We decided on March 14, 2020, and THANK GOD we did.  The weather was perfect, the day was perfect and we just made it before this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit and all travel had to come to a halt! It was definitely meant to be! We are so grateful we have these beautiful memories to reflect on at this crazy time!

♡ What was your wedding theme? What inspired you to choose your wedding colors?

Our wedding theme was as I said black tie/beach.  We wanted the feel of a destination wedding, but with the elegance of a black-tie formal wedding.  Thankfully, Villa La Joya made this vision very easy to accomplish.  We had long mirror tables with long floral runners across them.  We had green, gold and silver palm leaves with white roses and white added florals.  Gold accent pieces such as the rim of the plate, the flatware, and the chairs.  Also, gold foil signage in gold frames and different size candles throughout.  We also incorporated a gold foil “thank you” card at each place setting that had a history of Villa La Joya and an explanation of our wedding favors and why we chose the venue.  Irma, the head of staff of the Villa, was kind enough to share some of her family’s self-grown and harvested coffee that we love with us to use as our wedding favors.  Every part of our wedding includes the special experience we got from Villa La Joya. We feel as though we got to see a little more than the average couple because Irma invited us to experience the sea turtle egg-laying with her and her family when we chose the venue in July.  Which made this even more special than what we originally thought it was.

♡ Tell us your favorite things from the wedding ceremony and wedding reception?

Our favorite things from the ceremony:
Brian says his favorite thing from the ceremony was seeing the gates open and seeing me at the end of the aisle. 
Jaclynn’s favorite part of the ceremony was the beautiful words written by her brother to marry us and brains heartfelt vows.  Also having her beautiful stepdaughter standing by their side.

We both agree that the best part of the reception was our grand entrance with the mariachi band (thank you Anna for that recommendation) and getting to enter and see how beautiful everything was.  Also, our choreographed first dance with the sparklers (also your suggestion Anna).

♡ What was your favorite part of having a destination wedding? And least favorite?

Our favorite part of having a destination wedding was the intimacy of the group. Having less people there and having them there days before the wedding made the time spent at our actual reception way more enjoyable than your average wedding that u spend all of your time greeting guests and not enjoying the time with your new spouse.  Also, the beautiful atmosphere and relaxed feel that u really cannot get back at home.

Our least favorite part of doing the destination was not being able to have all of our family and friends attend because of the cost and other complications that can be involved with traveling.

♡ Describe your overall wedding experience in three words!

Brian’s three words: THE BEST MEMORIES
Jaclynn’s three words: BEST DAY EVER!

♡ Do you have any tips for planning a destination wedding for future brides?

As a couple, when you choose to have a destination wedding, it because you guys want to share what you truly love with the people who choose to be part of it.  As simple as you try to make it, friends and family (even those closest to you) will have a different idea of what you should be doing.  Being a bride in the wedding business, I personally, have experienced many brides losing sight of what this day is all about.  As well, as my groom, since this was his second marriage and a much more intimate wedding than his first.  Our advice is, do not worry about the number of people on your guest list, do not worry about who will get there and how do not worry about the minor all details as they seem to pan out perfectly no matter what.  Do not lose sight of why you are throwing this big celebration.  At the end of the day, the only people who need to attend and need to feel as though they are in a fairytale is the bride and groom, everyone and everything else is just a bonus.  People will disappoint you, but others will surprise you.  Just enjoy the whole planning process together and make sure you have exactly what both of you want.  You will never get this time back.  Use it wisely.  One last thing.  YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE WEATHER, but luckily every day in Mexico tends to be a beautiful day!


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