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wedding florist tips

Wedding Florist: 6 Tips to Choose The Right one

“Flowers are a universal language that every bride understands.”

Flowers are pretty and we all adore them. They are a part of every bride’s look, wedding decoration, and even a part of the wedding cake. Choosing the right wedding florist is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning and it can be its own project. We very know that every bride dreams of having the most beautiful flowers on her wedding day, but it’s very important to realize that they are expensive and not all of them are the same or grow in every color or blossom in every season.

The right flowers, designed beautifully by the perfect wedding florist, can bring together the entire event and be an unforgettable part of your special day. That’s why today, we wrote the 6 tips you NEED to choose the right florist.

1. Do your homework first 

The most important thing you have to start with is to do your ‘flower homework’, (as we like to say it). It’s not as simple as picking your favorite flowers and requesting them in your wedding colors. Take some time to figure out what you like and how would you want them to look like. When we say to do your homework, we don’t mean you have to be an expert in flower vocabulary, just to have a solid understanding of the names of the flowers you like and floral terms like types of bouquets, arrangements and other details. To improve your chances of getting your must-have flower, find out when it’s in season in your area. In case your wedding date is not set to match the season, don’t worry, because some of them have a look-alike.

wedding bouquet
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bridesmaids flowers
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2. Get some inspiration

There are tons of inspiration photos on Pinterest, so why not make an inspirational flower board? Save all the pictures you like. It doesn’t have to be the picture of the specific flower; It can totally be of the shape, texture, and colors. Everything you like. Making a note of what especially draws you to each picture will help you communicate your vision and style more effectively. 

wedding florist design
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3. Consider the style of the venue and the wedding color theme

Your wedding colors and style of the venue can help you a lot with choosing the right flowers. If there are already natural blooms around the venue, you may need fewer wedding floral arrangements. In other cases, having brilliant flower details can make your wedding day so bright and charming. Have in mind the wedding color theme. Is it more hot pink or blush pink? With accents of gold or silver? Because not every flower type matches the color of your determined wedding theme.

wedding flowers
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wedding flowers aisle wedding florist
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4. Get recommendations

Getting recommendations is a must before scheduling meetings with florists. These may come from other brides, review sites or bridal magazines. If you are working with a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator, they should have some instructions and suggestions. They collaborate with a lot of vendors and their opinions can help you a lot.

Once you have the recommendations, spend some time looking for each florist website and see if their style matches your over-all vision.

wedding flowers bride bouquet
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5. Set the budget

Even though it’s difficult to guess how much the flowers you want will cost, you can still set a floral budget that makes sense within your overall wedding budget. Knowing your budget will help your florist recommend flowers and styles within the price range you set. You won’t want to waste your time or theirs, so it’s very important to be honest and up-front with your budget. The Knot says, 10 percent of the total wedding cost will go to flowers and décor, from the bouquets and boutonnieres to the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception details. Also, having a general idea of how many reception tables and how many bridesmaids you’re having would be very helpful.

table decoration
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decorations wedding flowers
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6. Get proposals and decide

Have each florist put together a detailed proposal for your wedding, based on what you’ve told them about your flower vision and budget. A great tip from The Knot: if you’ve spoken about many ideas, ask them to prepare a “high” best-case scenario and “low” bare-minimum proposal. You can always mix and create a mid-range package. Perhaps you spend more on the centerpieces and pare down the bridesmaid bouquets. Don’t forget to ask them to include the delivery time and cost for the arrangements, set up and breakdown. Now it’s time to decide and get the contract going on.

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