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colors for wedding on the beach wedding

Color Palette Trends for Beach Wedding 2019

You have probably seen all those photo collages with color palette and stunning inspiration pictures. As a future bride, you fell in love with the colors, save them but never use them as a theme for your wedding. We call those wedding color palettes. And we LOVE using them.

Before you plan anything, a décor vise for your special event, first you have to choose a wedding color palette. They set the tone for your entire celebration.

Whether you choose two, three or five colors, having a refined color palette is a great way to add a touch of elegance to any wedding style in any season. Begin by creating an inspiration board with pictures of items you would like to incorporate into your wedding. Then we suggest starting with your favorite color as primary color and then using complimentary shades to fill the whole palette. From neutral shades with bold accents to vibrant shades with lots of contrast, there are plenty of color combos you can decide on.

If you are still indecisive about your choice for the wedding colors, keep reading and set the tone with one of these color co mbinations. Plus we are writing more about ‘What is the meaning behind the color’.

Here are our 5 TOP color palette for beach wedding:

1.Baby Blue and Sand with touches of Gold

A perfect wedding beach color palette theme. Starting with the baby (pale) blue color with combination of sand color and touches of light gold.

Baby blue – A color of freedom and creativity. It inspires tranquillity.

Sand – color of stability, structure and support.

Gold – color of success, achievement and triumph. It implies luxury and quality, value and elegance, affluence and material wealth. Gold will create a mood of elegance, affluence and luxury.

color palette for wedding
Photos inspiration from Pinterest

2.Coral and blush pink tones

Adorable combination of feminine and powerful colors. It reminds us of romantic beach sunset.

Coral – is a combination of red and orange tones. It represents passion, energy, excitement, warmth and happiness. Coral in your wedding colors will create a friendly and social mood with lots of chatting amongst the guests, laughter, fun and enthusiasm.

Blush pink – A very pale pink with sensual and sexual undertones. It is non- threatening but lacks enthusiasm, excitement and energy.

color palette for wedding
Photos inspiration from Pinterest

3.Hot pink, with orange and yellow accents

This palette is a variation of the previous one (coral and blush pink) with very bright tones and touch of yellow.

Hot Pink – Contemporary and modern for a wedding, yet romantic and fun, it radiates a more passion than pale pink. It inspires sensual love and a love of life.

Yellow – Is illuminating and uplifting, relating to the mind and the intellect. Yellow in your wedding colors will create a warm, welcoming, cheerful and happy mood which will lift up the spirits of your guests.

color palette for wedding
Photos inspiration from Pinterest

4.Baby pink, baby blue and baby olive

Palette combo of soft, romantic and modern colors. Shades of baby pink and blue colors, with a lot of light color greenery.

Baby Olive – Is a color of rebirth, renewal and growth and it balances the emotions. In your wedding colors will create a calming and restful mood with enough warmth to encourage a feeling of unity and togetherness among the guests.

Baby BlueIs a color of freedom and creativity.

Baby Pink – It encourages love and gives feminine touch.

color palette for wedding
Photos inspiration from Pinterest

5.Navy and light blue, with lime green and silver tones

Navy blue – Is a great alternative to black – softer and more traditional. It looks great with lime green, white, ivory and silver tones.

Silver – It is related to the moon – it is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious, soothing, calming and purifying. Silver among your wedding colors will create a mood of elegance and femininity.

colors for wedding
Photos inspiration from Pinterest

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